St. Paul Presbyterian Church - San Angelo, Texas


Welcome to St. Paul!

St. Paul is an intentionally diverse and socially active congregation transforming San Angelo and the world by LIVING THE LOVE OF JESUS.

Jesus' love has changed our lives and we now change the life of the world.

We welcome everyone . . . rich and poor, brown and white and black, young and old, gay and straight, thin and not . . . we show love, respect and acceptance for all people because Jesus has accepted us just as we are....

We transform the world . . . from painting houses to confronting drug dealers and city council, from giving birth to ministries like Kids Eat Free to providing a safe place for abused, differently-abled and unwanted people.

We joyfully worship the Triune God . . . celebrating sacraments, singing traditional and contemporary music, creating and displaying arts, and being sent forth to live out the love of Jesus that makes the world a truly different place.

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